Questions to ask a Wedding Photographer

Frequently asked questions

So, why Slice of Life?

You’re already familiar with my first name, Dimitris. Now, let me share a bit about my last name, a Greek surname that can be quite a mouthful for some. Given this pronunciation challenge, I sought a brand name that’s easy to remember and conveys energy. Enter “Slice of Life”. I think it is a great brand name for a documentary wedding photographer. It is short, memorable, and evocative, and it accurately describes my style. The name also suggests my ability to capture the essence of a wedding day in a way that is both natural and authentic.

You are based in Athens, Greece; do you travel elsewhere?

Yes, I am based in Athens. I can and will travel anywhere to photograph your wedding.  I have photographed weddings in the Greek islands and all over Greece, Europe and beyond.

The happy couple's table, decorated with colourful fresh flowers.

How would you describe your style?

The My Style pages give more information, but I would describe my style as documentary wedding photojournalism. Throughout your wedding day, I’ll be seamlessly documenting the unfolding story, blending into the background and capturing the essence of the moments as they naturally occur. I’m not one to direct or orchestrate scenes, believing in the authenticity of unscripted moments. My clients appreciate this approach, recognizing that it preserves the true essence of their wedding day, devoid of posed and staged photos that fail to capture the real emotions and connections.

Do you photograph in colour or black & white, and do you edit all the images?

I capture every moment of your special day using high-end digital equipment and I edit each image to perfection in both color and black and white. My signature film-style photo emulation brings out the timeless beauty of your wedding day.I deliver all edited images in both color and black and white.

See what else is included in my wedding packages.

Bride radiates joy, flanked by father and stepfather, as groom presents her with a beautiful bouquet at the church entrance.

Do you take group shots?

As a documentary wedding photographer, I prioritize capturing the candid moments and authentic emotions that make your wedding day truly special. However, I also understand that some couples prefer to have a few traditional group photos as part of their wedding album.

To ensure we capture these shots efficiently, I recommend limiting them to a manageable number, between three to five. With the help of one of your ushers, we’ll organize these shots promptly and professionally, ensuring minimal disruption to the flow of your wedding day.

This approach ensures that you have all the essential photographs, from the candid moments that reflect the true essence of your day.

How do we book?

To secure your wedding day with me, please contact me at any time. We can discuss your wedding plans further over an online video call or a visit to my studio in Athens.

To finalize your booking, I kindly request a completed and signed contract along with a non-refundable booking fee of €300. Your booking is not considered secure without the form and retainer payment. The remaining balance is due 15 days before your wedding date

Bridal preparation: In her gown, the bride inscribes the names of unmarried friends on her shoe sole, adding a personal touch to the wedding tradition.

How and when do we get our photos?

After your wedding, It will take up to four weeks to carefully edit and enhance your wedding photographs. Once this process is finished, I will send you a private link to your online gallery with all photos and Photofilm and a set of high-resolution digital files, allowing you to share and cherish these precious memories.

If you’ve opted for an album, it will take approximately eight weeks to design, produce, and print it, ensuring a high-quality and lasting memento of your special day.

Do you provide Albums?

I make BEAUTIFUL albums. And they’re such a wonderful heirloom to keep.

Here are a few key details:  

All my wedding albums are lay-flat style. Wedding albums are photographically printed on archival paper and flush mounted. They usually have 50 or more pages. They feature a selection of covers: plexiglass, linen, wood and faux leather. And a vast selection of stunning colours.

If you order your album at the booking stage, you can snap pre-order prices! Identical “parent” copies come with a nice 50% discount.

Albumake Acrylix Colour Wedding Album

Are you a full-time Photographer?

Yes, I am a full-time wedding photographer. It is my primary occupation, not just a hobby or a side hustle. I have been dedicated to wedding photography for more than two decades, and since I don’t have another job, I can fully invest my time and energy into my craft.

Your Wedding Story, Captured Forever: Let’s talk!

Let’s turn your wedding dreams into captured moments that last a lifetime. I’d love to hear your unique love story and discuss how I can make your special day unforgettable. Reach out to me, and let’s start planning your extraordinary celebration together. Can’t wait to connect!